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The Zebra Mussel

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1. Wash your boats and ALL of your water equipment. Click here to find the closest station to your water :

washstationCheck back here regularly to see where new stations are being installed.

The method is simple : INSPECT - REMOVE - EMPTY - WASH - REPEAT


2. If you are a resident with access to a body of water, make sure your friends and family visiting with their boats or water equipment are aware of this. They too must wash their boats before they go in the water. If you are on private property and do not have access to a boat wash near you, you will find useful information on washing in this short video :

Don't carry unwanted passengers! These simple actions make you a part of the solution to protect our lakes and rivers not only from zebra mussels, but also from other invasive exotic species, such as Eurasian watermilfoil for example.



For a first launch before June 1st :

  • Residents of Temiscouata who obtain an annual boat wash certificate and who launch their boat before June 1st of each year without going to another body of water are not required to wash their boat (This article does not apply to the Town of Pohénégamook.).

Boat Washing Exemption :

  • Any waterfront resident who launches and navigates from a motorized or non-motorized boat stored on the shore or on the waterfront property of the water body and which is not and will not have been used on another water body;
  • Any resident of the MRC of Témiscouata who stores his or her motorized or non-motorized watercraft on the shore of a body of water and which is not and will not have been used on another body of water;
  • When a resident or user solicits the services of a recognized dealer for the launching of his or her motorized boat, which has been stored on his or her property or elsewhere, the washing of the boat is not mandatory if the boat is launched no later than June 1st of each year and the boat has not been used on another body of water. However, the trailer to be used must be washed in accordance with this by-law.


  • Every resident or user of a waterfront property who has an annual wash certificate shall display his or her decal on the watercraft at all times. The sticker must be affixed in a visible manner on an external part of the boat. You can get a sticker from your municipality.
To keep a rich habitat and maximize the life in our lakes and rivers,
to continue to catch a wide variety of fish,
to keep our water intakes and docks in good condition,
to enjoy the beaches without unpleasant odors and to swim without getting hurt.
Together, let's stop the spread of zebra mussels.



Together we can make a difference.

For more information, you can contact your municipality.